Thursday October 1, 2020 Tablets for Impact Dominican Republic

At Clarkson Community Church, we support the Lighthouse School in the Dominican Republic.  As a result of COVID, their schooling is going online and they need tablets for their students to continue learning.  We would love your help to make this happen.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. We are challenging our kids and youth to make encouraging lawn signs and painted rocks for people in your neighbourhood.  For every photo of an encouraging rock or lawn sign that includes #lovefromclarkson that you email to we will donate $5 (up to $2000).  You can then stick the lawn sign in someone’s lawn or drop the rock near someone’s doorstep or on a local path.

  2. Parents, we want your kids to help these students, so please find jobs for them to do around your house (or in your neighbourhood) and instead of paying them, give a donation toward Tablets for Impact Dominican Republic.  We would also love a photo or video of your kids doing these jobs so we can share the stories.

  3. We know that many of you are tired of cooking at home, so for $30 someone in our church family will make you dinner, and your $30 will go toward Tablets for Impact Dominican Republic.  You can even pay for a meal as a gift for someone else!  To sign up for a meal (or to offer to make a meal) contact Joanne Eng at .

  4. You can give a donation toward these tablets by giving directly at 

For more information on Impact Dominican Republic you can visit here ( or here (

Friday August 14 2020 Drive by – Walk Through Carnival

YES, we are just as excited as you!
Join our summer staff team at a very unique carnival experience to
wrap up the summer! There will be socially distant games, music, and
all the fun of camp (minus the goodbye hugs). Come join us from 2 to
3 pm for a good time.
Not sure what to expect? Feel free to email with any questions.

Monday June 29, 2020 -Join us for Summer online Camps

Please click here to join Summer Camps now.

Saga Camp 2020 Free Online Camp

We are excited for another summer of camp. This is the 16th year of running Saga Summer Camps in Clarkson and we are excited to be able to serve you with these camps. Saga Summer Camps have become a significant part of the summer in Clarkson and we are looking forward to having your children participate.

Please click here for online Summer Camps.

Sunday March 1, 2020 Support our Youth Missions Team at Youth Auction

Please bring cash or cheques for
Bake Sale and Auction.

The items in the Youth Auction you can bid on are:

1- hour drum lesson, 1-hour basketball lesson, 3 hours of babysitting, 1 room in your house cleaned, 7 dog walk excursions, 1 skating lesson, Clean out your garage, 4-5 hours babysitting, Car wash (top 3 bids), 2 hours babysitting, 3 hours math tutoring, loaf of homemade bread and you can shave off Ryan’s beard.

Tuesday February 25, 2020 Pancake Tuesday

We are hosting our annual free pancake dinner Tuesday, February 25th from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
Please feel free to drop in anytime during the night, there will be activities for children as well. A chance to invite friends, connect with other families in our neighbourhood and catch up with people you might not have seen for a while.

January 10 2020 Saga Summer Camp Applications

Saga Summer Camp Staff Applications are ready!  If you are interested in working with an incredible team of people, running low-cost Summer camp for children and youth in Clarkson Village, then please fill out and send us your application, with cover letter and resume, by February 9, 2020. Saga Staff Application 2020

Summer Camp Application 2020

Bouldering and Ninja Warrior – Friday January 17, 2020

What: Bouldering and Ninja Warrior at Aspire Climbing! 

When: Friday January 17, 2020

Who: Anyone grades 6-12 (Bring your friends!) 

Drop Off:  Clarkson Community Church at 5:30pm at 5:45 the bus will leave for Aspire Climbing.

Pick up: Clarkson Community Church at 9:15pm 

Cost: $45

What to Bring: water, snacks, clothes you can climb in, indoor shoes 

Contact Info: Ryan McKerlie – 647.802.0171  

Return forms and money to Ryan McKerlie by Monday January 13th, 2020.  Online Waiver must be filled out in advance of events (Details below). Confirmation needs to be sent to Aspire by then to confirm our group.  So get those forms in!

Please click here for permission form.

Spin Skyzone Event – Saturday November 9, 2019

What: Glow in the dark Trampoline!

When: Saturday November 9, 2019

Who: Anyone grades 6-8 (Bring your friends!)

Drop Off: Skyzone (3636 K=Hawkestone Rd., Mississauga, ON L5C 2V2) at 5:30pm
Pick Up: Skyzone at 8:15pm

Cost: $28.25

What to bring: White T-Shirt (required) and clothes you can jump in, water bottle

Contact Info: Ryan McKerlie – 647.802.0171

Return forms and money to Ryan McKerlie by Tuesday November 5, 2019.

Please click here for permission form.

Junction Weekend Retreat – Friday November 1-3 2019

What: Junction Weekend Retreat

Begins: Meet at Lorne Park Baptist Church @ 5:30pm on Friday November 1st
Ends: Pickup at Lorne Park Baptist Church @ 4:30pm on Sunday November 3rd

Who: Anyone grades 9-12 (Bring your friends!)

Cost: $80 (The actual cost of running the retreat is around $110/person, if you would be able and willing to donate up to the full amount, that would help us cover the cost for everyone, Thanks)

What to Bring:

We will be spending time outdoors, so you will need to bring warm clothes and shoes suitable for running, walking, hiking, etc. Also make sure to bring a Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Bible, toiletries, towel, and your favourite snacks and games.

Contact Info: Ryan McKerlie – 647.802.0171

Please Return forms and money to Ryan McKerlie no later than Monday October 28th, 2019.

Please click here for permission form.