What’s with the new name?

You may have noticed that there is a new name in front of the church in Clarkson Village.  For many years now we have been Chartwell Baptist Church, named after a church in Oakville who founded us 22 years ago.  Over the past year we have been talking about changing the name of the church to a name that connects more with the neighbourhood we are in and the people we are meeting.  That’s why you are now seeing the name “Clarkson Community Church”.

However, the name has not yet formally changed.  The members of the church will decide at our June AGM whether to officially change the name, until then we are testing it out.  Our goal is to see if the name makes sense to us, to the neighbourhood and to those we are meeting.  We would love your feedback on the new name over the next two months to let us know what you think, then we will make a final decision in June.

As we test this new name out, we want you to know that everything else continues to happen at the church.  We are still meeting on Sundays, running Summer Camps, connecting with youth and kids at Youth Nights and Kids Club and helping out wherever we can in the neighbourhood.  We are glad to be part of Clarkson and are looking forward to many more years of being involved in the community.