Quiet Christmas December 21, 2021 from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Christmas can be a difficult season as we deal with the challenges of life. Because of this, we wanted to invite you to set aside an evening on the longest night of the year to take time to reflect on the many challenges and losses we face.
On Tuesday, December 21 the Quiet Christmas Service will be held at Clarkson Road Presbyterian Church at 7 pm. During this Quiet Christmas service, through music, spoken word, and the lighting of candles, we’ll acknowledge our losses and invite the Spirit of God into our woundedness. Sharlene Wallace, the harpist, will be providing music for the service.
To attend the Quiet Christmas service please sign up here.
Please note that we will be required to show proof of vaccination to attend this service.
To watch the Quiet Christmas service online, please click here.
The Quiet Christmas service is a shared service that will be led by Rev. Gale Macdonald from Clarkson Road Presbyterian Church and by Rev. Jamie Bay from Clarkson Community Church.