Junction Summer Kickoff Event – Saturday June 1, 2019

 What: Junction Summer Kickoff – Where in the world is Mike?  For a year we’ve been hearing about this elusive “Mike” and we’ve heard his name squawked around town.  He alluded us on Toronto Island, but never again!  Come join us on an incredible day of exploration, games, and mystery as we try to uncover the truth about where in the world is Mike?

When: Saturday June 1, 2019

Who: Anyone grades 9-12

Drop Off/Pickup: Clarkson Community Church 2:30pm.  The activities will be over and we’ll be back at the Church for 10:30pm, with an optional sleepover.  If you are not planning on sleeping over, feel free to be picked up around 10:30-11pm.  If you are sleeping over, pickup will be at 9:30am, or you are welcome to stay for Church as well at 10:00am.

Cost: $50 – covers Transportation, food, and activities  

What to Bring: Clothes that you can be moderately active in, shoes that are good for walking and running, clothes that you may  not mind getting paint on (if you’re worried about that), Snacks, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, toothbrush, a keen sense of Direction and Intuition. (If you are uncomfortable using rented gear, please talk to me ahead of time)

Contact Info: Ryan McKerlie – 647.802.0171

Return forms and money to Ryan McKerlie by Wednesday May 29, 2019.

Please Click Here for permission form.